Treatment for Hepatitis C – Can Hepatitis C Be Treated?



Hepatitis C is a type of hepatitis that causes liver infection and is often referred to as ‘asymptomatic’ by medical doctors as it seldom shows any symptoms at all. This disease is caused due to transmission of Hepatitis C virus. Although if initially treated Hepatitis C patients can get cured, but this virus if left untreated can turn the disease chronic which can cause fibrosis and cirrhosis, two harmful conditions which can result in scarring of livers of the patient over a few years, if a treatment for hepatitis C is not applied. Fortunately, today we have a new option to deal with this type of hepatitis, and it will soon be a thing of the past. Techydaily

Hepatitis C was first discovered back in 1970s and was officially confirmed by medical experts in 1981. It is estimated that nearly 300 million people around the globe have HCV infection. Medical surveys have revealed that on average more than 36,000 American citizens annually get infected with Hepatitis C virus. The fact that Hepatitis C can only infect humans has made it hard for experts to conduct researches on Hepatitis C. There are two major classes of hepatitis

Acute Hepatitis C – Experts have formulated the term ‘acute’ to refer to the initial six months after a person gets infected with Hepatitis C virus. As mentioned before hepatitis patients often fail to show any symptoms of the infection, and the same trend has been found with almost 70 percent of patients suffering from acute hepatitis C. Those who show some suggestive signs generally experience lack of desire to eat, fatigue, severe itching, jaundice, pain in abdomen and overall disposition as if the patient has influenza. Techydaily

Chronic Hepatitis C – When the hepatitis virus infection persists for more than six months in a particular patient he is said to have chronic Hepatitis C. That usually happens if the treatment for hepatitis c is not applied. As chronic Hepatitis C has generally been found to be asymptomatic, in a number of cases, the presence of HCV in a patient’s body is detected completely by accident.So far data collected has suggested that while many patients remain immune to displaying any signs of the infection until the phase comes when harmful scars start appearing on the liver, others however show many medical conditions that are enough to raise the suspicion that he or she is infected with HCV. Chronic Hepatitis C patients can exhibit conditions such as influenza, exhaustion, loss of sleep and appetite, itching and vomiting and mental depression.

Is there a new treatment for hepatitis c?Yes, in 2009 a new herbal treatment was developed, which was proven to quickly eliminate the Hepatitis C infection in a person’s body. It simply supplies your body with the proper tools that it needs in order to fight off the disease. Since it is herbal, anyone can apply it at home. The new treatment is yet to be developed further by the medical companies, and they will probably start manufacturing it in a pill form in 2013.


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